About Us


Howard Academy Educational & Recreational Council, Inc. (HAERC)

 A nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to the restoration of the Old Howard Academy Building on Chestnut Street in Monticello, Florida.  The restoration of the structure and the legacy is our objective.


The Significance of Schools for African American Children

The education of African American children once forbidden by law and social norms was still a challenge in 1936 when the doors of the Howard Academy opened to students of color in Jefferson County, Florida.  The Howard Academy became a source of education and pride for the African American Community.  It produced teachers, doctors and other professionals whose positive impact is still felt today.  

Historical Resources Matching Funds Grant

As you can see the old school building is dilapidated and in need of major restoration.  Because it is of historical relevance, architectural and engineering requirements for its rennovation are exact and expensive.  In order for the project to move forward HAERC has applied for a $500,000 grant from the Florida office of Historical Resources.  The grant requires that HAERC has matching funds equal to ten percent or $50,000.